Being a Volunteer

Currently we have 16 registered volunteers plus additional helpers. We always welcome more.

To protect volunteers who are working on our behalf, we need to have insurance, and this is only valid if volunteers work within our agreed guidelines.

We therefore have a Volunteers Information Pack which sets out our Aims & Objectives and policies.
New volunteers are required to complete a registration form and supply two referees who will vouch for them. We like potential volunteers to have been attending our events and working with us for some months before they sign up, so that they are familiar with the workings of the group.

We want to make the most of all our contacts and to strengthen the growing network in order to identify sources of help that can make our lives easier.

We want to work with our neighbouring parishes to encourage people to join in and support their social activities as well, so that everyone can benefit and help combat any feeling of isolation. We want help in identifying and supporting the hidden Carers within our communities.

We have always sought to identify changing needs, whether they are due to the lack of transport, the NHS cut backs, changes in the benefits system, or just getting to grips with new technology and the internet.

Interested ? why not come to one of our meetings you will then get a feel of what we are about, you will be very welcome.